Monday, October 15, 2007

Drive By

Dan and I were heading home. We were stopped at a red light, about to merge onto the freeway. Dan half snorted with laughter.

Me: What's so funny?
Dan: The guys behind us are smoking pot. The driver just handed a pipe to the passenger. And the passenger just ducked below the dashboard to hide himself from view while lighting up.
Me: *looking in my mirror* I don't see them lighting up. The guy is just sitting there and... *sees a long stream of smoke come from the passenger's mouth* Oh. Nevermind.
Dan: What idiots. Who lights up at a stoplight?
Me: Ooh! OOOOH! Can I take a picture of them and really freak them out?!
Dan: No sweetie. You're not allowed to freak out the potheads.
Me: You never let me have any fun.
I tried snapping a picture of them once we got on the freeway and once Dan couldn't stop me, but they sped by us in the fast lane. Great. Get high, then go 90 on the freeway. I'm glad you passed the driving test.


Dan said...

Really I just didn't want the crazed, drug addicted speeders to have a reason to attack us.