Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stuck in the Middle

I love my friends. They are warm and caring. They are funny and articulate. They are sweet as can be or are charmingly rugged. Sometimes both, but I digress.

This blog is about the sadness I feel when two friends battle. I always feel like I am put in the middle, forced to choose between two friends who have treated me well over many, many years. This is my dilemma:

Friend number one has a very broad range of interests and can always keep me entertained when I am bored. She is popular, but I always seem to feel like one of her favorite people whenever I am with her. She is always up for a sale and is constantly in contact. She seems to know whenever I am down, and will send a little note or email my way that inevitably cheers me up.

Friend number two may be a little narrow minded, but he is trying to branch out slowly. He is less technologically advanced, but he is always there for me. He introduces me to new things and constantly makes me smile. There was a time when we didn't speak, but it was only because friend number one had all my attention for a few weeks in a row. But when I realized my mistake and came running back to him, he welcomed me with open arms. Most importantly, he is as obsessed with holidays as I am.

Friend number one, if you haven't guessed already, is Joann's Etc. Friend number two-Michaels. I have always been a faithful supporter of both, but recently Joann's has come to disappoint me. I love that you can shop online, but I hate that I have to sit and wait for the holiday stuff to arrive. They just barely put up Halloween stuff while Michaels has had Halloween and even Christmas items out for over a month! Plus, Joanns' selection is more decor based than craft based and Michaels offers a wide variety of both. I also love that you can purchase fabric and home decor stuff at Joann's, but I haven't sewn in a long while. They both had coupons, although Joann's is mailed and emailed to me. Michaels will accept Joann's coupons though.

This is a dilemma. Do I continue to frequent Joann's, only to be disappointed with each trip? Or do I cut my ties and only visit Michaels and scrapbook stores for all my crafting needs?

...these are the things that keep me up at night.


Welcome to Elinor Island said...

Throw a wider net! Plus, you should go to Joanne's only when you can' find what your looking for at Michaels.

Squirrelbait said...

Hey... You should come out and visit me in Arkansas... Then you can experience Hobby Lobby... It has everything... It is pretty much both in one store.