Saturday, September 15, 2007, Here I Come!

WANTED: A new job, preferrably one that allows me access to Blogger while on the clock and doesn't require me to do any actual work. A higher salary, pets allowed in the office and a company car would be nice too. But I'd settle for just Blogger access.

Yes, the tech guy has finally caught on. A few of us were spending a leeeetle too much time stalking, (I mean reading,) blogs while on the clock. So now we can no longer post on our own blogs or even see the pictures on other people's blog. Such as Erica, who had a great Dwight photo that I could not enjoy until today, when I was checking to make sure she had purchased her laptop. I hope her lack of post was because she is still getting her laptop setup, otherwise she will receive a large amounts of complaints on Monday. Mostly from her stalkers/readers, butCandace and I will be the worst because we will be audible.


Welcome to Elinor Island said...

I think many people need a new job right now. Which usually isn't for a good reason.