Tuesday, September 11, 2007

He Knows Me So Well

Dan: I had a piece of cake today.
Me: For lunch?
Dan: No, someone quit. It's her last day so we had cake.
Me: Oh, good. Cake is not a healthy lunch.
Dan: Maybe I'll go have another piece.
Me: No, you should eat lunch first.
Dan: You can't say no to me-you're not here to stop me.
Me: I'll be very sad if I find out that you had another piece.
Dan: You can't be sad if you don't know. I just won't tell you that I had another piece.
Me: But what about when I ask you directly? Are you going to lie to me?
Dan: No, I just won't answer. I'll ignore you or change the subject.
Me: But then I'd know what the answer was.
Dan: Maybe I'll distract you by offering you another kitten.


Candace said...

Too funny. That would work though I'd imagine. Ask him if the cake is worth more kitten urine on your stuff though.