Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stir Crazy

Dan is on Week 4 of working nights. This is a good thing not just because I will get to see him more beginning Monday, but also because it will prevent me from wasting so much time doing unproductive things. I should not be left unsupervised.

I watch crappy tv. Like the Teen Choice Awards. This is the cast of High School Musical 2 accepting an award. It was hard to hear them over the teeny bopper's screaming Zac Efron's name.

Like this little girl, who was literally hopping up and down from excitement. I love the older guy next to her, who is clearly jealous of Mr. Efron's heart throb status and is scowling. Even more so, I love the little boy in the bottom left corner, who is covering his ears.

And I take pictures of said crappy tv. This is from Yes Dear. The kid was uber cute and to keep him quiet, throughout the show he was given apples.

I make s'mores. There were 2, but I ate one before I realized I should take a picture to make Dan jealous of my nighttime snack.

Dan: You made s'mores? Did you at least toast the marshmallow over the stove?
Me: No, I melted them in the microwave. I thought it best to avoid open flame if you weren't home. I didn't want to start a kitchen fire and not have you here to calm me down and put it out.

I also took pictures of the cats watching tv. They were enthralled by football. Oscar lost interest after a minute or two, but Gucci stayed put even through the commercial break.

She's an advertising executive's dream audience.