Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Do Not Claim Them

My family is loveable. If you're one of us. If you are an outsider/innocent bystander, you will think we are weird. I pity Dan, since he willingly married into the family.

My parents celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary on Sunday. Actual phone conversation between my mother and I regarding the festivities:

Mom: I've been awake since 5.
Me: Why? It's Sunday.
Mom: We gathered all the picture frames in the house so we can give some away, change some of the pictures and dust them all of course.
Me: Okay...
Mom: Guess how many we have.
Me: Um, 150?
Mom: How many does Dan guess?
Me: I dunno, hang on. (I proceed to ask Dan, who gives me a funny look since he is playing his game and was obviously rudely interrupted.) He says 80.
Mom: 320
Me: You're joking.
Mom: Nope, 320. I counted.
Me: I think I'm impressed.
Mom: Your father just asked me why on Earth I counted.
Me: Yeah, especially since it's your anniversary. Is this how you guys celebrate? You need a new hobby.
Mom: Well, technically we had pie.


Welcome to Elinor Island said...

I guess it depends on what kind of pie they had!