Monday, August 6, 2007

Sad Day in Sara-land

Dan views this blog as an ongoing biography of his life. He says he enjoys the added humor because in real life, we are not funny. But in blog world, we seem funnier.
Today's blog will not be funny, Dear Husband. Today's blog will be sad.
Dan has to work overnights for a bazillion years. OK, it's more like 2-3 weeks, but it feels like it'll be forever. His schedule is 6pm-3am. Since I work 8-5, we will see each other for dinner from 5-6, and then again for breakfast until I have to leave for work. I plan on going to bed at 8 every night so I can get up at 3 or 4 and spend time with him.
This will not effect him as much as I thought it would. He's going to sleep during the day and on the weekends, he'll go to bed on Saturday morning at 4, or whenever he gets home. He'll probably only sleep until 11 or so because by then I will be hopping on the bed, anxious for him to wake up so we can spend time together. He hasn't gotten mad at me once during our relationship-this could be a true test of his patience.
The other good part is that we get Kitten in a weekish. He will be able to spend time with Kitten during the day, and I will spend time with Kitten at night. I also get to use the "lonely" excuse to purchase magazines, books and craft supplies. While Dan rolls his eyes at me, he still pulls out his card to pay for whatever I am trying to get.
All in all, I keep telling myself that it will only be for a few weeks. This will give me a chance to find out if I can spend time alone at home without going stir crazy. If you get calls from me, inviting you to movies or dinners or to get manicures together, please take pity on me. I'll be lonely without my best friend to keep me company when I'm not at work.
Dan, I miss you already.


Dan said...

I miss you already too...but it's not for forever, only a couple of weeks. I think we can cope.

Candace said...

I want a manicure, lets go! Sorry though about Dan, I'm sure you two will manage. On the positive side, Dan will be forced to comment more often on the blog because he won't be able to talk to you in person as much.

The Klicks said...

Candace, you're right. Now Dan will be forced to participate in our blogging.