Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome Allan Davis Schoenbeck!

My best friend Jesika just had her second baby. It was her first boy, and she named him Allan Davis Schoenbeck. He was born on Friday at 6:09pm. This was after I joked with her that I wouldn't visit until Sunday since she was in labor for 37 hours last time. This time it was about 10 hours. Whoops.

When she was pregnant with Sierah, her mother-in-law insisted that she throw a shower for Jess. She found out about 2 weeks beforehand that it would only be her mother-in-law's friends and family. None of the people on the guest list that Jess gave her mother-in-law were actually sent an invitation. By this time, it was too late to throw a shower. For this baby, I called dibs on the shower hosting.
This picture is minus me, of course. It is also missing Jess' boss, who had to leave early for her husband's bday party. From left to right, the guests included Jess' sister-in-law's mom. Her sister-in-law, who also happens to be pregnant. Her older sister in the back. Her younger sister in the front. Her mother-in-law. Her mom. And her, 7 months pregnant and holding her 2 year old daughter. Who is taller than I think a 2 year old should be permitted to be.

These are the baby shower favors. I drove around town, collecting empty baby food jars. I had posted on Craigslist months in advance, because I knew Jess was inviting 50+ people and I wanted to have enough. Each time someone contacted me, they told me they had about a dozen. They all lied. Each person had at least 30. I ended up with almost 150 baby food jars. If you should ever need some empty baby food jars, they are currently sitting under my desk while I try to come up with a brilliant use for them. You are welcome to them, as long as you take them all.
I made about 30 of them for the baby shower because there were ton of RSVPs that I never received and I was paranoid about not having enough favors. I filled each one with blue mints, then tied a square of blue tissue paper to the top with white ribbon. Finally, I attached a sticker that stated the soon-to-arrive baby's name, Jess and Jim's names and Sierah's name. This was before Jess decided to change the spelling of Allan's name though... Oh well.
I contemplated posting on Craigslist again, advertising pre-made baby shower favors. All the hostess would have to do is attach a label of some sort with whatever info they wanted. This would involve me making more of the favors though. That doesn't sound all that appealing...


Candace said...

Let me just say how proud I am! Everyone looks so happy and I love the cute little party favors. And as crafty as you are I'm sure Joann's will have something wonderful you can use to go with the excess baby food jars.

P.S.-I'll be waiting for baby pictures!