Friday, August 10, 2007

Open Letter to USPS

Dear Stupid USPS,

Give me my stuff. Seriously. It's been 4 days since it left a post office in Phoenix. I could have driven to pick it up.

"Status: Arrival at Postal Station Your item arrived at 3:41 AM on August 10, 2007 in MESA, AZ 85203. Please check again later. " <- This is not an acceptable response for 10 hours. I need updates.

For package number 2, I received a scanned copy of a mailing receipt from the sender on August 8. Your website has told me that you have not received the package from the sender, but you have received the electronic info. You lie and that makes me angry. When I am angry, my eye twitches. This has become a medical issue.

If I do not get an update about my packages by 8:00am tomorrow, I will freak. And not in the break dancing sort of way.

Disgruntled Sara