Monday, August 13, 2007

Blogging is a Learning Process

Erica is going to yell at me. I did lots of stuff this weekend, all without my camera. So, no pictures. But consider this my way of helping you expand your imaginations.

On Friday night, Elinor and I went to visit an old friend, who was having a housewarming/birthday party. It was fun to catch up and meet her new friends. Plus, her place is so freakin' adorable. You enter the living/great room area. On your right is a small office/den and a bathroom. The living room has a small dining area off to the left as well as the kitchen. They have the island set at an angle, which really makes the place look bigger! I only know because I took an info sheet from the place next door and saw that their island makes the kitchen look like a tiny box. Upstairs are 2 huge bedrooms with vaulted ceilings, a guest bathroom, 2 linen closets with built in shelving and the master bed/bath. I loved it. Elinor said it was the perfect size for her and Dave, once they move in together. I think Dan and I would be happy renting a place like it. I'm just too worried about the resale potential.

And I'm sad to know that I think of things like resale potential.

Saturday was the Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo. It was a learning experience. I am giving myself kudos for going by myself, meeting new people who were interested in scrapbooking like I am and for generally putting myself into an entirely unknown situation. I am upset with myself for not doing more research about it.

It was the 2nd year they did the Mesa convention. The one in Glendale is HUGE every year. 75+ vendors. Tons of classes and crops. Crowds so large that even the most stereotypical city dweller would have a claustrophobia attack. The Mesa one? Not so much. I think there were about 25 vendors. 10 of them were for rubber stamps. 5 of them were scrapbook things that you could either find in stores, or were the home party type vendors, like Stampin Up and Creative Memories. Another 5 were things like AZ Laser Center and Tastefully Yours, which is a food product. 2 had unique products and/or stuff that was so outrageously discounted. These places now have my money. The final few were beads and jewelry. The expo was being billed as a bead and jewelry expo too. Needless to say, I heard a lot of people complaining that they had to pay $5 and only saw 3 bead vendors. If I was a beader, I'd be ticked too.

This was the Glendale one in April. Look at how big it was, and I'm sure this was only a small area of the hall! Crop out half the photo and you have the entire Mesa one.

The good part was that I was paid for 5 hours of work. This paid for the stuff I bought, lunch that day for Dan and myself and 2 fountain sodas on Sunday. Mmm...fountain soda.

The bad part of working was that I stood for 5 hours. They didn't have a key to the room where the chairs were locked up. We all stood. And for 3 of those 5 hours, I did very little, which made me fidgety.

I spent the rest of Saturday taking a nap because my feet hurt so much. And playing my game, Atelier Iris.

Sunday was a day of errands, which was entertaining because I made Dan go with me. We went shopping for jeans, new shirts for him and bras. It was fun to make him carry the bras while I pretended to look at other stuff. I also had a major productivity spurt and reorganized my craft desk. I did the dishes and most of the laundry. I felt like a typical little housewife. I did the grocery shopping online, which then made me feel like a typical little spoiled wife.

The only bad part of the day was our AC started leaking water. It didn't do much damage, but it made our apartment very humid. Most of you probably know that I have a 2 degree comfort range. 115 and humid is not in that range. I was whiny, so Dan let me have Diet Pepsi late at night. Sometimes I think he gives me soda just to keep me quiet.


Candace said...

Glad the scrapping people got some of your money. Sorry you didn't attend the larger fair! Just think how much money you probably saved by being at the Mesa one though!

Erica said...

lol to shopping with Dan. Zach lasts about 1 hour and then it's like dragging a sack of potatoes to each store.

"mmm...fountain soda" amen.