Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Should Be Working

The week of the 20th is always a busy week for Candace and me. It's billing week, and we tend to field calls from subs who want money, calls from subs who don't understand how to bill for money and calls from subs who don't understand why we won't give them more money. Instead of doing my billing, I am blogging.

This is a self promotion type of blog. I made about 18 cards for my dad as a bday gift. He sends a ton of notecards to business associates and friends/family. My father helps USPS stay in business.

This one's my favorite. And proof that I need a new camera. The silver present is in 3-D. And there are tiny silver dots all along the blue rectangle.

My second favorite. It says Happy Birthday. I bet you could read it better if I had a better camera. The entire center block is raised above the card itself, and the stars are popped up as well. There are also tiny black dots that were easier to do than I thought they would be.

This one says "thank you" and the illustration is sign language for "Thank You." If I had a better camera, this picture would probably be clearer. I cheated, and traced the image from a book. Yup, copyright infringement. That's how I roll.

Aren't you impressed with my multilingual skills? I shouldn't get too cocky. I only know a few phrases such as "hello," "goodbye," and "another beer please." This card was layered with solid cardstock and the patterned paper. It looks prettier in real life, but my camera sucks.

...have I mentioned that I would like a new camera?


Candace said...

I really like them. How bout next time I need a card to give to someone that would appreciate such a cute one, I will pay you to make one instead of my usual Target card?
P.S.You need a new camera :)