Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kitten Update

Kitten is officially ready to be picked up! Wahoo! Now we just have to coordinate a time to go choose a kitten, which is easier said than done. With Dan working nights, we normally only see each other for an hour a day. And Dan doesn't want me to go by myself for some strange reason. Something about not trusting me to only bring home one...

Last night we decided on the name Tommy. This morning, I changed my mind and decided on Jimmy. Dan has yet to be informed.

Katie sent me this picture. She said they are standing on floating shelves covered in carpet pieces. I can just picture me instructing Dan to arrange these all around the room until we have an entire maze of shelves for the kittens to frolic on. This will probably be detrimental to our current attempt to train the kitties to stay off the countertops and tables.


Candace said...

Any decision on the name of the new addition yet?