Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My friends are so nice to me

Jason: You have a blog now?
Me: Yup. I update occasionally on the all-important events of my life.
Jason: What did you last blog about?
Me: Um...I don't remember. I think it was about Moo cards.
Jason: Moo cards?
Me: Oh my gosh they are so cool they are these little cards that you can choose 100 pictures to be printed on the backs of them not all 100 pictures on the back of each of course but rather one picture on the back of each of 100 cards and then you can use them for various things I'm thinking of using them for Christmas gift tags and...
Jason: Whoa whoa whoa. Stop. Breathe. You just said "Christmas."
Me: Yes. Yes I did.
Jason: It's July.
Me: Christmas in July. Duh.
Jason: I can't believe you conned someone into marrying you.

Me: You should start a blog.
Alex: Why? I don't do anything exciting.
Me: Neither do I. But I started a blog for Dan and myself.
Alex: I know. I read it.
Me: You read my blog? Why the heck don't you comment on it? I was considering stopping. I can't get anyone to start a blog so I can link them to mine.
Alex: No, you just can't get anyone to admit they're friends with you.

Me: I think I am going to give up my blog and just continue on MySpace.
Dan: Why?
Me: Only a couple of people read it and I can't get any of our friends to start one.
Dan: I read it.
Me: I know, but you're the one I blog about most so you already know what happens.
Dan: But I still like to read it.
Me: Why? Are you saying that our conversations are so boring, you forget them and prefer to read the recaps?
Dan: No, I'm saying they're funny.
Me: Thank you. But you could update the blog too, you know.
Dan: Blogs are for dorks.


Erica said...

No you can't stop blogging! Hang in there. I would like to request more pictures. Pictures of the crazy cats will do.