Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Dan, Jason and David made the mistake of taking me into the pet store in the mall this weekend. I normally avoid them like the plague. It makes me sad that they are all cooped up in tiny cages. Plus they have to play with puppies they may not like and they are so outrageously expensive, that only a few of them find a home.

After protesting, and spending a large amount of time in Icing while they complained about not getting to see the dogs, I finally caved. We went in the store and I was greeted by the happiest face I have ever seen.

If I do not get a Corgi puppy someday, I will be nicknamed Frowny. Because I will always be frowning. Yes, I am that creative with nicknames.

The puppy was under attack from a couple of jerks who ganged up on him. He had a bone that was obviously far superior than theirs. While one tried to keep him occupied by viciously yanking on his ear, the other tried to sneakily snatch the bone from the adorable hero. I mean, puppy.

Luckily, the Corgi was wise to their evil plans and managed to keep the bone away from them. He fought them off with his brave Corgi demeanor. And he had a smile on his face the entire time.

Dan said he looked sorta touched. Stupid Dan. What does he know?

This is another picture of Corgi puppies. They are approximately 4 weeks old and I want them all.

Dan says we cannot get a dog until we move into a house. I understand the logistics of this plan. I do not understand why we cannot move right now so that I may get a puppy. Hopefully the same week I get Kitten. (Name still undecided. We are now calling him/her the very creative name, Kitten.)

As a random Kitten update, they are 5 weeks old today. I do not get to take one home for 3 more weeks. I think Debbie has fallen in love with them and secretly doesn't want me to have one at all. I'm telling you, the entire world is being mean to me when it comes to cute baby animals.

This blog is probably not a good argument for when I argue with Dan that I am indeed patient.


Candace said...

Dan is mean! How could he tell you no to that cute face. And yes-pounds and pet stores are definitely a weakness of mine, as is petfinder.com now too.