Saturday, June 23, 2007

Give and Take

Dan plays World of Warcraft. If you're in the know, it's called WOW. Aren't you impressed with my geekish knowledge? WOW and I have a love/hate relationship. I'm glad Dan has a hobby. I'm glad there's something for him to do while I'm crafting or reading or sobbing at melodramatic tv shows. But it sucks him into a vortex that seems impossible to pull him from. Unless I become a WOW player, which I won't do.

On the other side of this story, there are certain stores I am not allowed to go into unsupervised. Joann's is number one, but only because I go crazy and convince myself that everything is on sale so in reality, I am saving money. The next ones are any scrapbook stores of any kind. Mostly because I see some cool demo and convince myself that I am the next chalking/embossing/stamp-kissing extraordinaire and that I need to purchase all materials immediately so as to perfect my craft.

Today, after we picked up Dan's car (see "The Kia gods are angry" blog,) I was allowed to go to both Joann's and Scrapbooks Etc by myself. Dan had a raid scheduled for 3:30 and wanted me to not be cranky when it came to be 7pm and he was still playing his game. He figured he could "tire me out like a puppy or a little kid" by letting me shop by myself. I agreed to this bribe.

Smartest thing I ever did. I met one of my scrabooking idols. And when I kissed butt and told her that I have always dreamed of starting a craft business, she told me to follow my dreams. And then she gave me 20% off the product of hers that I was buying. I think I might have drooled on her shoe a little...