Monday, June 18, 2007

Beginning at the Beginning

I kinda sorta have a blog on myspace. In all reality, that is just a random update on my life that I happen to do once a month, if I remember. Or if I have anything even remotely interesting to say. I had a couple of people tell me that Dan and I should start a blog. Rather, I should start a blog and put both our names on it. So, I am.
If you are reading this, I will assume that you already know us and you are just finding out what we're up to. (Instead, call me and we'll go do something. I hear that movies come out every once in awhile. And that people go to restaurants. We should try this.)
For those of you who do not have the immense pleasure of knowing us, here's a quick update. I was born in CA but have lived most of my life in Arizona (on and off.) I consider Scottsdale "home." Dan was born and raised in PA and moved to AZ about 5 years ago. Most of his family apparently decided that the desert was a hot place to live (heh, punny!) so his parents and two of his aunts live here as well. By choice. I don't get it either.
We met while I was "working" (drinking free fountain sodas and gossiping with the manager, Carrie) at 76. He was a regular long before I started working there and after getting to know him, I figured he'd be a great match for my friend Elinor. Being the matchmaker extraordinaire that I am, I invited him out with a few of us to a movie and to play pool so that he could meet my awesome friend that he was sure to fall head over heels for. Yup, I am that good at setting people up. (As a side note, my mother tried setting up her best friend's son with Elinor. They are going 8 months strong. Somehow the matchmaker gene skipped me.)
Dan currently works as a receiving manager and I am an accounting assistant. He doesn't like his job, but likes that they are willing to work around his school schedule. I love my job, except on days when I have nothing to do. We both would prefer to be independently wealthy and never have to work again. Ahh, the American dream.
We live in a 2 bedroom apartment in Mesa, with two cats and 3 fish. I'm sure I will have separate blogs on each group later. I have become obsessed with all things domestic. I daydream about throw pillows and the thought of repainting the entire apartment makes me drool. But it's just an apartment, so we are saving the time and money and leaving our walls white. My parents are moving (then again, they have said that for the past 7 years,) so we will move into their house and house sit for them. This also means no redecorating. After almost a year, they will try to sell the house and we will hopefully buy one ourselves. I am already trying to pick out the perfect combination of baby blue and chocolate brown for our office.
So, that's us in a nutshell. I'm looking forward to attempting to keep this updated. If I start to slack on it, you have full permission to yell at me.


Erica said...

You do realize, now that I am one of your blog readers I will be a nazi about you updating it. I apologize in advance.

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