Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sara Should Rhyme with Awesome

Dan: What's with the rice?
Me: What do you mean? I like brown rice.
Dan: You only like brown rice? Why does it have to be a color issue with you?
Me: Yes, because I discriminate.
Dan: I always knew you were rice-ist.

Me: I have a job!!!
Dan: You've always had a job.
Me: Yeah, but now I have another job that pays me to go to Michaels!
Dan: This is going to be an issue.
Me: Oh look, Pier 1 is hiring.
Dan: But you have a job.
Me: I have a job!!!
Dan: You set that up just to yell excitedly about your job, didn't you?
Me: You don't know me.

So yes, you read that correctly. Yours truly has been hired at Michaels. The pay kinda sucks, the hours are shitty, but I get an additional discount and can mentally shop as I ring people up at the registers. I mean...I can be a twice contributing member of the working middle class.
I also had a fun evening at a gay bar with some old friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. I didn't realize it until after we left, but I was the token straight girl. Eff. At least I got free booze and met some great people. I should go to gay bars more often.
Our kitchen sink is clogged. You'd think this wasn't exciting to me but it is. Why? Doing dishes is like a dangerous stunt. You have to carry them to the laundry room without dropping any, wash and dry them without a lot of counter space and then cart them all back to the kitchen to put away. All while having kitties weave around your ankles. I live on the edge.
I started selling a few stamps and other craft things on Ebay. I won't brag about how much I've earned, but let's just say Dan no longer rolls his eyes at me when I bid on stuff. Well ok, he still does. But he at least leaves out the loud sigh.
Met up with Cory and Mandy at Dave and Busters. I always seem to forget how much fun I have there until we go back the next time. Plus I love winning and I rock at games that require no more skill than dropping coins down chutes.
I bought a pack of Monster energy drinks from Costco. Wheeeeeee!
I'va had more than one person this week ask me my advice on recipes and cooking. Yeah, I'm now a renowned chef. Bam youself, Emeril.


JB said...

Wooo! Congrats on the job! Just remember not to spend more at Michael's than the paycheck they give you, otherwise working there would just be pointless. Woooo!

Angela said...

Congratulations! I guess it's worth it to get a good discount!

margaret said...

congratulations !!! I love Michael's>>>>>i i'm a frequent shopper :-)