Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quick Recap

This past week...

- I chopped off 10 inches from my hair. That's right, T-E-N inches. Most importantly, not a tear was shed.

- Elinor's bridal shower happened on Saturday. I love this girl, she's so easy to talk to and a blast to hang out with. I got her a bunch of bathroom things and wrapped everything in yards of tulle. Sometimes my girly side sickens even me.

- My coworker had a baby shower and I was the official gift buyer and wrapper. My coworkers humor me and I love it.

- I have a job interview tomorrow. It's probably a jinx to talk about it here, but if all of you cross your fingers for me, at least some of that luck should float my way.

- I have 28 recipe pages collected for my sister's graduation gift. Not all of them are mine; I made a bunch and then swapped them out. The ladies at splitcoaststampers amaze me with their creativity and talent. I'm very lucky that I can snag tiny pieces of artwork from them.

- I ripped off a part of my toenail. It's way gross and makes me sad, because Fall heels are arriving in stores.

- We are getting more and more details of the trip nailed down. We will be visiting Kent, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Reading, NYC, and D.C. If any of you know of a scrap/stamp store in any of those towns or in any surrounding towns, please let me know. I have to plan my shopping destinations out to make sure there's time to hit every single one.

- Dan and I discovered that we disagree on something political. I automatically won the debate because I am awesome of course.

- We stopped drinking soda. I am not a very nice person without caffeine. Dan doesn't care because he's at work by the time I wake up.

- I haven't stopped drinking "water." I use quotes because "water" is defined as "Monster energy drinks."

- All sites with "blogspot" in the address are now blocked at work. The IP guy needs a hobby other than making my job boring. Thank (insert favorite deity here) for Google Reader.

- I've had our TV on almost constantly while at home. Taking a test for an online course? Doing crafts? Playing Sims 2? There is some sort of Fall TV show on in the background. The Office was hilar as always.

- I have 3 lists. One has all the shows I'm recording on the first Tivo. The 2nd is all the shows I'm recording on the other Tivo. And the 3rd are shows that haven't made it onto the Tivo schedule yet due to conflicts or not starting until late October. I ran out of Tivo space and I own 2 Tivos. Sad.

- It's October! I get to start decorating for Halloween! And the week before Thanksgiving, the Christmas decorations are coming out. Only on the interior of the house of course. Don't want the neighbors to think I'm nuts.


Jamie said...

10 inches! Oh man, that is a lot!

Good luck on the interview today :)

JB said...

I am being forced to wait until at least December 1 before I start decorating for Christmas. I want to compensate for that wait period by decorating like woah for Halloween. I want to let out my inner crafter, but I know I can't afford it!

Mia McZ said...

psychic connection? I just hacked off all my hair too- I had to wait until my husband left town on a business trip so that he wouldn't talk me out of it. Now I'm waiting to see if he will even notice when he gets home :)
Wives can be so evil....

Klick Here said...

Jamie - Thank You! I was told I am the perfect candidate for the position. However, I am overqualified and there are teenagers willing to work at a lower wage than me. Rats.

JB - If you lived here, we could have a Halloween crafting party! I own a ton of crafting supplies. Fairly sure I'd have everything we need...including plastic spiders and stuff to make fake eye goo.

Mia - I kept it a secret too! Dan has a habit of talking me out of haircuts, so I snuck over to the salon after work and then just showed up to dinner with shorter hair.