Thursday, October 2, 2008


Tonight, thus far...

- Got home around 3 and immediately took off my nice interview clothes and changed into lounging clothes.

- Fell asleep for a nap. A four hour nap...

- Woke up to a blow to my skull. Saw that Dan had managed to turn himself around 180 degrees somehow, with his head at the foot of the bed and his feet trying to give me a concussion.

- Cursed him and tried to wake him up so I could give him a guilt trip. He snored through my poking his forehead and barely lifted an eye lid when I shook him, pretendeding there was an earthquake. Geez, the boy can SLEEP.

- Gave up. Surfed my favorite blogs.

- Tummy started growling in anger over being unfed, so tried to rouse Dan again. Failed miserably.

- Settled on sourdough pretzel bites for dinner.

- Worried about my lack of a well-rounded meal so topped the pretzels off with Tampico. That counts as fruit, right?

- Watched the Tivo'd VP debates.

- Watched 'Til Death. Used to love that show but they revamped it. Now it's getting deleted from my Tivo subscriptions.

- Tried to wake Dan up a 3rd time because there is a lot of good TV recorded and I get yelled at if I watch The Office or Ugly Betty without him.

- Considered watching them and then lying to Dan when he wanted to watch them later.

- Worried about the cost of divorce if he woke up mid-Office scene.

- Had a craving for something sweet so I drank more Tampico.

- Wondered if people would not know what Tampico is, so Googled it. You can find the homepage by following the link, but really you should all be familiar with Tampico: drink of the gods.

- Fed the cats. Tried to get them to play with me but they were more interested in the food.

- Ran out of things to do and contemplated going back to bed even though I'm really not tired. It's 10pm on a Thursday night, I have a Tivo full of good shows, a list of cards to make and yet I find myself eyeing my pillow. I live a whirlwind life.


JB said...

We don't have Tampico here in Canada. But it looks delicious.

Heidi Fleetwood Designs said...

Hahahaha! You crack me up Sara!