Monday, September 22, 2008

Shopping is an Art

Dan and I have decided to take a trip to PA for Christmas. We want to meet his newest nephew and my sister is graduating from Kent State on December 13th. Because the timing is so close, we decided to make a long trip of it instead of paying for 2 flights in a 2 week time span.
So far, our travels plans are as follows:
Fly to Ohio
Go shopping to kill time because there's nothing else to do in Kent.
See a graduation ceremony.
Go shopping for Christmas wrapping paper.
Celebrate an early Christmas with my family.
Go to New York.
Go shoe shopping.
Go to D.C.
Go souvenir shopping.
Go to the Baltimore Aquarium (kudos to Baltimore now that my bestie has decided to stay here.)
Go Christmas shopping.
See where Dan grew up.
Go antique shopping.
Oh yeah...and we're going to see family and celebrate the season and all that. But most importantly, we will go shopping in states that I've never shopped in before.

Anyone have "Do Not Miss" stores you wanna fill me in on? I suppose you should offer cultural tourist attractions as well. As backup in case the stores are closed.


wegrit said...

If you're a reader, go to the Book Thing of Baltimore. ( It's this awesome place where you can just go and take however many books you want for free. It's in kind of a shady neighbourhood, but last I knew it was open only at the weekend and there are always a ton of people there, so it kind of counteracts it. You might end up having to ship your books home, but USPS media mail is awesome for that sort of stuff. The last time I was there, I shipped 40 books for under $10.

Melanie said...

what part of PA will you be visiting? I might be able to suggest some great LSS to visit. :)