Monday, September 1, 2008

Kudos to Katie

When I was in college, I started out my freshman year with a wonderful roommate from California. She had moved to AZ with her boyfriend and had the lucky pleasure of being my first roomie.
Katie, aka Astro Squirrel Bait (what do you bait a squirrel with? NUTS...heh heh, love it,) and her boyfriend Sam became two of my favorite college roommates. Yes, her bf was a roomie too. It was weird if I came home and he wasn't there and I missed them both if they happened to leave for a weekend. Katie introduced me to soda, (which I didn't drink before college,) late night TV reruns of the Golden Girls, the wonders of owning a Mac and online shopping. I lived a sheltered life before she entered my world - don't judge.
Anyway, when I decided to pledge a sorority, Katie made fun of me like any true friend would have. But then the draw of sorority life got to her and she decided to pledge a different sorority. I made fun of her too of course, because that's what friends do.
We decided to stay roomies for a little while longer until we were told that we had to move into the sorority dorm, but luckily her room was just one floor below mine. Needless to say, I bothered her daily. Mostly with cakes baked in the microwave, stupid Mac questions and complaints about how dumb boys are.
Katie, my brilliant science-loving, kitty-owning geeky friend who still likes shopping, is pregnant with her first child! She's 11 weeks along and I couldn't be happier for her and Sam! Please head over to Astro Squirrel Bait and send her a little congrats, because this chick means more to me than she'll ever know! I have so many happy college memories that involve her and Sam and I am overjoyed that they've decided to start producing a little Squirrel Bait!!


Heather said...

Can you actually make a cake in a microwave?