Monday, August 4, 2008

Excitement is in the Eye of the Beholder

In case you hadn't guessed, I'm back. My eye is healed(ish) and I can type once again without having to rely on spell check to distinguish between...well, everything I type actually. I don't spell very well.
Anyway, lots of exciting news! I finally talked Dan into expanding our family! No, no little Klicks running around. And no more kitties. (Dan's not that stupid!) We decided that we are going to get a puppy! In a few months at least, to give us time to get settled into our new routine - more on that later - and so that we don't have to house train a puppy in my parents' place. I'm worried about tinkle on their expensive rugs. We fell in love with an adorable Chug - chihuahua pug mix - at a local rescue event. He was so cute, I even agreed that Dan could call him Budwiser. Get it? Chug Budwiser? I will call him Buddy of course, because Budwiser is a dumb name for anything that doesn't get served cold and foamy.
I'm not a beer drinker, but didn't that sound cool? I have bar street cred.
My parents are all packed up and ready to move off to CA. I'm ready to claim their walk-in closet as my own. It will be nice to practice playing home owners by taking care of my parents' house while they're gone. While using their money if something breaks of course. Playing house only goes so far.
While we are not paying rent, we have decided that I will cut back on my hours at work and go back to school. I could work full-time, but not at my current job which is a stereotypical 8-5. I might get a 2nd job just to fill in the hours but we'll see how bored I am. I want to work at a scrapbook store. Dan wants me to actually earn a paycheck, not just sign one over to my employer.
Dan is also looking towards changing career paths. He was originally going to school and only sticking it out at his job until he was done. But now that he's logged 5 years into the company, he's realized that he actually likes his job. He likes the change and the pace of the industry. Plus he has all the responsibilities of a higher position right now, so he figured he might as well apply for the actual job title and get the salary that comes with it! It's exciting to see him passionate about this job again, because for a very long while he felt like he was just spinning his tires.
Enough updating. Isn't it strange how exciting news can be boring on a blog? I should have made up a story about how I saved a child from a collapsing bridge while filming a movie with Brad Pitt. Eh, not believable. Brad's not doing films right now. Haven't you seen his new bundles of joy? The man's got his hands too full to do movies.

Shoulda gone with Will Smith.


JB said...

All of that sounds very exciting! Lots of great new changes coming up in your life, good for you! Also, good luck with the puppy stuff. I only implore you to research the Chug's typical behaviour patterns to make sure it's a great fit for your lifestyle. Some dogs are more needy/energetic/demanding than some people realize. I wanted to get a Spaniel until I realized they're more of a handful than I could manage on my time schedule and environment.
Great site for the information about their behaviours and stuff to expect from small breed dogs.

stuffie said...

WILL Smith would have been TOTALLY believeable... lol
I worked at a LSS, and dh had the same gripe, of turning my paycheck over to my employer... men. They just don't get it, do they?
Good luck with the puppy, that's exciting news. Loved reading your blog- thanks for the giggles.