Monday, August 4, 2008

Insert Pirate Joke Here

Me: Think of a pirate name for me.
Dan: A pirate name? Let me think about it for a minute.
Me: I'm going to use Sara the Formidable. CAPTAIN Sara the Formidable!
Dan: Sara the Formidable? *snort* That's a stupid pirate name. It sounds like a butt pirate name.
Me: You sound like a butt pirate! Haha gay joke!
Dan: You're so loving.
Me: I know.

Me: Let's go see Mama Mia!
Dan: No, let's go see X-Files.
Me: But it's my turn to pick!
Dan: No, you posted online for everyone to see that you've gotten an unfair amount of picks. Now it's my turn.
Me: That's not fair!
Dan: You're not fair.
Me: You're a dork.
Dan: You're a turd.
Me: You're a turd polisher. That's right, you polish turds.
Dan: That didn't make sense.
Me: You don't make sense!
Dan: What are you, 9?
Me: That would make you a pedophile.
Dan: Pedophile? Oooh...big word for a 9-year-old.
Me: Gina says she wants to be a fly on the wall for our conversations. I think they're pretty normal though.
Dan: Yup. Everyone has these kinds of conversations.


JB said...

Aww, man. *I* wanted to be Captain JB the Formidable. There can't be two formidable captains! I guess I'll have to go with my second choice: Admiral JB, Empress Of the Seas.

Maxie said...

hahaha turd polisher. You freakin crack me up.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I love it when you post your conversations.
They are the highlights of my life.