Monday, March 3, 2008

Ode to March

Sunny Happy Flower, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

It's finally March. This month is my second favorite month. (December, a.k.a. Christmas Month, being my supreme favorite.) This month is National Craft Month, which means that all my favorite stores are having awesome sales. Not just awesome, multiple word awesomeness. Awe. Some. It's also the month that the first day of Spring appears, bringing with it warmer weather and pretty flowers and an excuse to buy sundresses. That happens to be a holiday in Japan. Thanks, Wikipedia. And finally? It's my birthday month. Save up your pennies people, because Sara likes presents.

This month will be chock full o' fun too. Ren Fest is back and Carrie is working over there on Saturdays. We want to go visit her some weekend, once it warms up a little and hopefully on a weekend without rain. The charity auction for Friends for Life is also coming up this weekend. I'm excited to see all the auction action. And the weekend after is Petfest at West World. Dan and I are volunteering to sell t-shirts and hand out info packets about Friends for Life. It means that we'll see a bunch of cute pups wandering around and hopefully we'll find some cute gifts for our kitties. Because cats need materialistic validation as much as we do. The weekend after that is my birthday weekend, which means I expect to see all my friends and drink pina coladas or visit World Wildlife Zoo. (And as much as I joke about liking presents, no gifts please. Our closets runneth over.) And finally, the last weekend of March will be spent in Ohio, visiting my sister and seeing her compete in the MAC gymnastic championships.

So yes, this will be a month for Monster and Starbucks. I know I had the resolution, yadda yadda, but seriously? How do people cope without caffeine? Boggles the mind. It makes me talk faster, which in a way makes me more productive. And I wish it made me a clean freak, but I think you need meth for that.


Wavegrl said...

Are you having a formal birthday celebration?

The Noisy Plume said...

ODE to march indeed!

It's actually good for me to read about the goodness of March since all I can think of lately is the onslaught of summer...

So thanks.
Thanks for throwing me a life preserver in the middle of this dreary March depression.