Monday, February 25, 2008

I Demand a Recount

Disney's "Enchanted", originally uploaded by Klick Here.

I was only excited about one catergory from last night's Academy Awards. "Best Original Song." It's no secret that I adore flamboyant musicals and Disney and happy, catchy tunes that can make people's eyes twitch. Enchanted was a fabulous mix of all three.
3 of the major songs in the movie were nominated - "That's How You Know," "Happy Working Song" and "So Close." While I love the first two, sung by Amy Adams, my favorite is "So Close," sung by Jon McLaughlin. It's sappy and sweet and is sung during a scene when Patrick Dempsey is wearing a prince costume.
What's that noise? Oh. That would be my heart fluttering.
I Tivo'd through most of the award show, pausing to listen to John Stewart's jokes and to see my favorite actors presenting awards. I don't think I listened to a single acceptance speech though. The only time I was transfixed was during the performances of the 5 songs that were nominated. Amy Adams sang "Happy Working Song" beautifully of course, unfortunately without little animated pigeons and cockroaches prancing around her. Kristin Chenoweth sang "That's How You Know." Now, I love Kristin Chenoweth. I've been a big fan since Wicked, liked her bubbly character in Bewitched and absolutely adore Pushing Daisies. But I just didn't like her singing the song during the awards. It should have been Amy Adams up there. Not only to keep the original feeling from the song, but also because Amy Adams has the fairy tale princess vibe while Kristin Chenoweth is more...well, Glinda the good witch. OK, off my Cinderella soap box. So Close was performed by Jon McLaughlin and had Amy Adams and some dude who was definitely not Patrick Dempsey dancing around. Boo. I wanted to see Patrick Dempsey dancing again.
A song from Once won in this catergory and I was thoroughly depressed. I've never seent he movie, so maybe it was a great fit for the film. However, in the 3 minutes it was onstage, it didn't grab my attention. If Enchanted couldn't have won, I thought the song from August Rush, with a solo done by a little girl who has more talent in her tiny pigtail braid than I do in my entire body, should have won. All in all, I turned off the tv feeling very bitter. I would not make a good Oscar nominee. I would be the one mouthing swear words as the camera caught my reaction to the winner announcement.
Oh yeah, and some other awards were won.
This ends Sara's Academy Awards recap. You're welcome.


Wavegrl said...

I agree 100% I loved Enchanted and It should have won, and if not that little girl from August Rush. That's gotta be one of my favorite songs right now, I listen to it over and over and over again. I didn't watch much of the awards, but I was jumping up and down when I heard Happy working song, although not my favorite from that movie. ..

The Noisy Plume said...


I don't watch award shows anymore because it seems like the award-givers don't really care about what the public adored...they would prefer to give nods to what they liked best which is usually crap that noBODY went to see.


In the meantime you should head over to my place and win yourself some earrings.