Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Buddy List

Amie collage, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

I present for your intense viewing pleasure, my friend Amie. (Pronounced, Ah-Me") OK, her real name is Amy (pronouced...Amy,) but somewhere along the line her name was changed. I don't remember if it was by me, by her, or by a caffeine induced hyper moment. It has remained Amie for at least 7 years. And now that I realize that I've known her for 9 years, I am beginning to wonder how she managed to stay almost sane with me as a friend for so long.
Amie, even with as odd as she is, is my most normal friend. Which is either a very high praise for her normalacy, or a serious burn to all my other friends.

Things I Love About Amie:

- She is always able to make me laugh. Normally it's at her clumsiness, but that just means she doesn't even have to try to cheer me up. It comes naturally.
- She gets my jokes. If I were to discuss my imaginary roommate, she'd laugh. Everyone else would think I was weird.
- She plays it cool. Even when everyone else is making a fool of themselves, (see bottom righthand picture) she can sit back and just enjoy watching everyone look like a dork.
- She enjoys Buffy the Vampire Slayer and got me hooked. In fact, I am currently watching the reruns. Love. It.
- She gave up her dining room table to allow me to scrapbook. If that doesn't show love, I don't know what does.
- She gave me her opinion on the guys I was dating. I ignored it of course, but she didn't say "I told you so" when I realized what losers they were.
- She knows everyone. I should say that with emphasis. She knows EVERYONE. You go to a random restaurant in Blythe, and there will inevitably be someone there that she went to school with. Or that worked on a film shoot with her once. Or that took tennis lessons from her mother. Case in point, the winner of Crowned on the WB. Amber from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The inventor of those reflector thingys on the freeway. See what I mean? EVERYONE.
- She lets me paint random phrases on her wall when we're repainting her apartment. "Sara is the coolest" and "pink is this year's black" were rendered on her wall before she could stop me. She even let me take a picture of it before making me paint over it.
- She tells funny stories. Ask her about her run-in with the Canadian Border Patrol.
- She gets herself into funny romantic situations. When I was dating, I enjoyed hearing those stories. It made my love life seem downright normal.
- She has the coolest job. She sets up the Sesame Street museum exhibit in various states/countries. She works with Elmo, people. ELMO!
- She doesn't carry a purse. It's unfathomable to me because I have so much crap with me at all times. I want to be as low maintenance as her. Never gonna happen-9 years of friendship still hasn't changed my purse habit.
- She will let me bitter. We went to Sea World, sat right BEHIND the splash zone and got soaked. She had a waterproof jacket, I didn't. She still lets me gripe about it and it's been almost 7 years since that trip.
- She has blonde moments. And scrub moments. And she will let me tease her about both for the rest of eternity.
- She enjoys flamoyant musicals as much as I do. And we have the same conversation whenever Loathing from Wicked plays...
Amie: This song is just like us.
Me: What's that Amie? Did it say "loving?" Aww, I love you too!
Amie: No, it says "loathing."
Me: Huh, what? "Loving?"
Amie: Loathe! Loathe!

For the record, she doesn't really loathe me. I hope.

Amie still lives in California and I miss her a lot. Hopefully this blog will convince her that she should move back to Arizona to hang out with me. 115 degree summers, torrent downpours that flood the streets during monsoon season, snowbirds...what's not to love about Arizona?!