Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mother Nature Is On My Buddy list

Unlike most Phoenicians, I love the rain. It's almost becoming a problem. Winter has been especially good to me these past two weeks and has delivered glorious rain almost every single day. This means that I get no work done, because I constantly run to the front of the office to watch the raindrops.

My coworkers make fun of me. I normally get super excitedf if there's even a hint of a cloud and insist that it means a storm is coming. I am often wrong. This is AZ after all. So last month I tried a new tactic. I announce how excited I am that it looks so sunny and bright outside. I also loudly exclaim that I hope it doesn't rain because I love the sun. This inevitably brings lots of raindrops. I'm sneaky like that.

We also get a lot of fog in the morning. While it's great for my winter weather obsession, it's bad for traffic. It takes me an hour to get to work in the morning now. Phoenicians freak out in fog. Rain too now that I think back on it. It's like drivers can't figure out what the mysterious liquid on the road is. And most importantly, IT'LL OBVIOULY MELT THEIR CAR, so best to drive 5 mph.


I was stopped when I took this picture, I swear. Traffic happened to move right as I got the shot so it looks like I'm moving along with the rest of the cars.


Wavegrl said...

It's been rainy here. I'm not as excited about rain here as when I lived in Phoenix. I think there's probably a reason for that. .. Oh well. What are you doing for new year's this year? Maybe I should email that. .. LOL *sigh bored at work, but plenty of work to be done. ..