Sunday, November 25, 2007


I recently posted a bulletin on MySpace about featuring various webpages, blogs, etc. I got a few responses from people wishing to be featured so hopefully I will make this a weekly thing.

This week, I'd like to introduce Miss Katie. She is known as SquirrelBait in the internet world, as well as to her family. Why SquirrelBait? What do you use to bait squirrels? "Nuts." Her nickname sums her up pretty well. ;) She likes Science. SCIENCE! See what I mean about her being nuts?

Katie and I were first roommates at NAU. We joined different sororities, so we only lived together for a semester. We still saw each other a lot, especially since I lived only one floor above her in the sorority dorm. I am also friends with her now hubby, who was practically a 2nd roommate. He will deny it, but Katie and I know the truth.

I stole the picture from her wedding website. I didn't get to go to their wedding because Josh's mom was getting married the same day. Since I was dating him at the time, my presense there was mandatory.

OK, back to the point. Here's her responses to my simple yet effective blog profile questionaire:

Your Name? Katie

Your Blog or Screen Name? squirrelbait

The Address for Your Site?

How Do You Know Me? First college roommate

What Is Something Unique About Yourself and/or Your Site? It isn't really unique, but I am a grad student in Space and Planetary Sciences

How Would You Describe Your Blog/Site? Me blathering

What Kind of Present Can I Expect if I Feature You? SOOODDDDAAAA

The last answer is pretty darn funny, but only to the 3 people who were present in the room when the situation happened. I tried to explain the story to Dan and he almost uninvited them to the wedding reception. He thought they might be certifiably crazy.
So, there you have it! Go check out her livejournal. From there you'll have access to her website and then from there, access to her wedding website. And you can see more pictures of how much younger and thinner I looked. Katie and Sam didn't seem to age...completely unfair.