Sunday, November 25, 2007

One With Nature

Dan made me go to the Desert Botanical Garden with him.

I didn't want to go at first. I see desert landscape in the suburbs all the time. Why pay for it?

OK, after seeing some of the neat displays, beautiful wildlife and unique foliage, I was more interested. Almost enough to pay attention to the plants.
We saw a cute roadrunner. I took about 8 pictures of him but this is one of the few that came out clear enough to view. Fast little bugger.
A bird of some sort. Feathered, with a beak. You get the idea.
Dan worked hard and filled out his paperwork. He probably learned a lot. I learned how to use different features of my camera.
Early native americans made fences from cholla plants. And chicken wire.
I attempted to amuse myself by trying to bite him when he wasn't paying attention to me. You might say I have separation anxiety...except that I was only a foot away from him.

I also pretended to be a biologist while he worked. This was my serious face as I prepared to explain to him the fascinating facts of the rare creature we had just stumbled across.

Shhh...don't move. You may startle him. His latin name is drinkius upicus.

I'll admit, (but never to him,) that I had fun. Next time I want to go to Zoo Lights. When will that be assigned as a bio lab?


Dan said...

I had fun too! And to think you didn't want to go...I will ask about adding ZooLights to the Biology for non-majors curriculum.

Erica said...

lol lol to the vending machine.

I heard the botanical garden lights thousands of luminaries during the Christmas season, I've always wanted to go.