Monday, October 1, 2007

The Martha Stewart of Christmas Shopping

I have this bad habit of making people jealous. It's not just because I'm super awesome, it's also because of my neurotic tendencies which lead to even more awesomness. Case in point, my inner Santa skills.

See that picture? It's a photo of my Christmas shopping list. I'll give you a moment to turn green with envy. A cheerful holly shade of green hopefully.
I have finished ordering/purchasing most of my gifts. There are a few odds and ends to pick up and I have to think of a brilliant gift idea for Dan. Plus Dan has to think of one for his dad. (It really shouldn't even be on my list. The blank idea area next to his name is giving me an ulcer and there's nothing I can do about it.)
Back to the point, Sara is da bomb when it comes to shopping. And I'm not limiting that statement to just Christmas gifts, as Dan will woefully agree with. I have the skill mastered. I should teach a class.