Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Newest Crackhead

Kitten is finally here. We are having a hard time deciding on a name for Kitten. He just doesn't seem like a Jimmy... I think we might agree on Max. Does anyone have any suggestions?
A few moments after we took these pictures, we left the room and discovered that he knew how to escape his play area. He hopped onto the green tub that was holding up the frame and then jumped over the frame. Dan had to remove our closet door to use instead of the frame. His responsibility last night was to keep Kitten's attention so I could take a picture. I proceeded to take 62. I promise to never make you look at 62 pictures of our kitten.

Kitten loved this bed. So much that he decided to eat it. We had to remove it because I was terrified he'd get the fibers entwined in his tummy.

Kitten accidentally discovered the other side of the blinds. He then spent a good 5 minutes walking back and forth, even though I'm sure he could see nothing but his reflection. Note the tablecloth we are using as a wipe-able floor mat. Sometimes I amaze myself with my ingenuity.

Once he discovered one of his toys, he went crazy chasing it all over the place. I think he has ADD. He'd try to eat his toy, attempt to kill his scratching box and then would try to eat his litter box liner. He run to me to be petted then tear off after his toy again. This was in a time span of about 30 seconds.

'Sup yo? Word to your kitten.


Candace said...

Sara, he is adorable whatever you decide to name him, although for his sake I hope it isn't Wang...(sorry Dan). The other little kittens at kitten school will make fun of him.