Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Christmas is my crack

Last week, I went to the scrapbooks store(s) to purchase some more supplies for my mother-in-law's Christmas gift. I headed straight towards a specific rack of paper and discovered that it was all Christmas paper instead.

I love you, Scrapbook Paper Designers. Thank you for my early Christmas gift.

I proceeded to purchase about $15 in paper. And another $15 in random stickers, ribbon, embellishments, glitter, etc. The cashier was impressed that I was getting ready and doing my Christmas cards and scrapbooks already. I informed her that I was making a Christmas Planner and she gave me a disgusted look. I think she might had mumbled "psycho" under her breath.

This is the cover. The penguins' hats and scarves have glitter on them. And the brads are sparkly too. You can never have enough glitter for the holidays.

These are the dividers. They are for card lists, decorating ideas, gift lists and a random section for notes, store directories, etc.

I used a plain chipboard notebook and purchased matching dividers for it too. My next step is to crop graph paper and lined paper for all my notes.

Dan told me that when he got home and discovered that I was already working on Christmas stuff, he realized that it's a good thing we aren't going through a divorce and don't have kids. When I asked why, he replied that he could use this to prove to the courts that I am crazy and he should have custody. My husband is obviously very supportive of my hobbies.


Candace said...

ooooo pretty. I love penguins.