Friday, August 31, 2007

The Countdown Has Begun

14 days

I am a little overexcited to go to the scrapbook convention. When I went to Recollections the time before last, (I go probably every 4-5 days,) they had coupons for $3 off a ticket. I had contemplated volunteering to work a 4 hour shift, because then I get 2 free tickets. However, last time I volunteered at an expo, I stared longingly at the closest booth the entire time. I think the booth owner, who was selling various glitters, was about ready to have me forcefully removed from the building. I don't want to do that again-feel like I'm wasting time and everyone else is getting The Good Stuff while I am stuck handing out fliers.
Speaking of scrapbooking, I saw one of Erica's friends working at my favorite scrapbook store, Scrapbooks Etc. I didn't place her at first, so I'm sure she was creeped out by my suspicious staring. That would be an awesome job-getting to work with craft stuff all day. Yes, I did that before at 3 previous jobs, but this would be different! I have more money now and could take better advantage of an employee discount! Although, I'd work without monetary compensation if they paid me in scrapbooking supplies...
And free tickets to Disneyland.